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Why are Bamboo Socks so Soft?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

An amazing aspect of bamboo is the naturally soft texture. This incredibly smooth feel is one of the reasons why we love in our Fresh Feet Sock Co bamboo socks, and know you will too! 

Our first mission was to create a sock that your feet love from the first wear.

So when it came to material selection, bamboo became the obvious answer in our quest for comfort.

The Texture of Bamboo 

Naturally bamboo fibre consists of a long, rounded and smooth structure.

It is this long structure which creates a non- frayed end, with no jagged edges and a fibre with a beautifully smooth and compact strand. 

Ultimately this texture provides the perfect base for a silky soft and non irritating material.


The bamboo plant once harvested is broken down through re-used & recycled compounds to create a viscose (an organic liquid which is regenerated into fibre).

The viscose is pulped and pressed into a fluffy and super soft material, somewhat resembling a cloud!

Bamboo pulp- As soft as a cloud!

Our bamboo 'cloud' is what gets spun into long lengths of bamboo yarn, to then be created into our ultra comfy bamboo socks.

Check out this process below:

As you can see, it is each of the steps in the creation of the bamboo pulp, which helps to enhance the naturally soft properties of bamboo.

When we couple the process of viscose creation with the long, non-irritating texture of bamboo, we are able to enhance bamboo's silky soft and comfortable feel.

Anti static property

The above naturally soft texture of bamboo fibre not only creates an extremely gentle feel on the skin, but also provides an anti-static property. 

Because of this the fibre is able to glide comfortably over the surface of the skin and avoid irritation.

Gets softer with wash & wear

An amazing aspect of bamboo fibre. Unlike many alternative fibres, which will actually thicken and harder, bamboo fibre has the tendency to get softer with washing.

The smooth fibre creates a more ordered and cohesive arrangement with each wash, creating a weave that holds and enhances bamboo's soft texture.

So there you have it. This is why bamboo socks are so soft!

Hopefully the above can give an insight into why we love bamboo as our fibre of choice for our socks, and why we guarantee that you will find them soft and comfortable.

So why not give them a try. Your feet will thank you for it!



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