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We are committed to reducing our footprint step by step. 

Fresh Feet Sock Co. Guide to Sustainabil

Our Materials 

The wonder plant called bamboo.


Bamboo plants absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide (a green-house gas that contributes to climate change) whilst simultaneously producing approximately 30% more oxygen than similar trees.



Bamboo requires approximately 30% less water to grow than similar fibres such as cotton.


Bamboo re-grows at such a fast rate (has the Guinness world record for the fastest growing plant on the planet!) it is naturally renewable.


Bamboo can be grown without pesticides due to its 

antimicrobial properties and our materials OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified ensures our bamboo contains no harmful substances.

Our Packaging

Biodegradable, eco-friendly


Not only are our bamboo socks ethically and sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, our packaging and branding is 100% biodegradable and made from compostable, renewable or recyclable products.


This means that our packaging is able to be broken down and reabsorbed back into the earth naturally. Helping to diminish our impact on our earth.


To compost simply place into a composting environment (some councils allow products to be placed into green waste) and after approximately 180 days the packaging will be fully absorbed. Even if the bag and packaging is placed into normal rubbish disposal, it will break down and leave no trace after this time.​​​

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