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Customised Wholesale Socks Australia

Are you are looking to promote your business, sporting team or company? Looking to create a personal gift for clients? Or potentially aiming to raise awareness for an upcoming event?

Well today we have the answer!

Drum roll please...

Introducing customised promotional socks!

The prefect solution to your marketing and branding needs.

Below we are going to outline the process, benefits and timelines associated with developing your, or your company’s, very own wholesale customs socks. As well as answer any of the questions you may have.

So to begin, let’s give you an insight into the process. Here are the 10 steps involved in creating your very own custom socks.

Fresh Feet Sock Co Custom Socks

Step #1 of creating your custom socks - Getting to know you!

The most important part!

Here we want to learn all we can about your brand and company’s goals, dreams and the underlying project.

Why is this so important to us?

Because it enables us to be able to use this information to help craft your specific design process and timeline in the most efficient and easy way possible.

Initial things that we want to know are:

What is your core business?

What impression did you want to create with your very own custom socks?

Are these for a specific event or promotion?

What are your initial questions and concerns?

How can we make this as easy as possible for you?

What is your budget and timeline?

How many addresses will your custom socks need to be sent to?

Step #2 of creating your custom socks - Choose your sock style

To begin, we need to select which of the available sock designs you wish to have made. We can create custom and promotional socks from any of the existing dress, sport, no-show or loose fit designs.

On request, we can also create unique styles for your needs such as work or hiking socks.

If we have the available style in stock then we will happily send you a trial pair to ensure you are happy with the fit, quality and durability of our socks.

Step #3 of creating your custom socks - Choose your sock packaging

Once you have selected which style of custom socks you would like, our attention turns to selecting the required packaging.

We have several options which we are able to customise with your logo, branding and design. These include any of the hook tag or belly wrap packaging at no extra cost.

Fresh Feet Sock Co Custom Socks Packaging

If you desire a customised box packaging or unique solution, then we can certainly accommodate these to house your custom socks.

However depending on the order size and timeline these options would be at an additional expense to listed custom socks pricing.

Step #4 of creating your custom socks - Designing your promotional socks

This is where the fun begins.

After agreeing on which combination of custom sock style and packaging, we will turn to designing your custom socks.

Here we have two choices.

The first is where we provide the design templates and initial inspiration for you to customise as you like. This is a complementary service when ordering your custom socks from us! (Yes that’s right, completely FREE!)

Alternatively if you are time poor or don’t want the hassle, supply us with your logo and branding and we will complete the entire design process for you to create templated samples for your approval.

Depending on order size and timeline, if you wish to have us undertake the entire design process for you an additional design fee of $89 AUD (excl. gst) will be charged. But don’t worry we will inform you if this is the case.

Fresh Feet Sock Co Custom Socks Template

Step #5 of creating your custom socks - Sample creation

Once all the fun and games of the design process is complete, and you love the initial custom sock template, we will turn these ideas into reality.

Typical timelines to create your sample custom sock, once template is approved, may be roughly 14 business days with delivery time on top of this.

We will then send the sample directly to you for approval.

If you are on a tighter schedule, then we will send photos of the sample for your approval.

Fresh Feet Sock Co Custom Socks Sample

Step #6 of creating your custom socks - Approval of sample custom socks

After you have seen the magic that is your brand, logo and design on our custom bamboo socks; we want to ensure everything is as imagined and planned.

If there are any small modifications or details which you would like changed we will work with you to ensure all details are recorded and are clearly implemented and understood.

Step #7 of creating your custom socks - Finalising order quantity, price per unit and deposit payment

Post sample approval we will send through the final quote outlining our agreed upon cost per pair of customised bamboo socks, as well as any additional actions requested.

These can include any non-standard packaging, removal of our branding, designing fee or express turnarounds for delivery or lead time.

We will always inform you if any of the above will be charged before undertaking the request for you.

At this stage, we also request payment of the initial deposit (35% of total cost) to allow for material, dying and manufacturing inputs.

Step #8 of creating your custom socks - Manufacture & shipping

Once the Bamboo yarn is dyed and ready, packaging has been ordered and your templates have been programmed, all that is left to do now is to create the magic!

Typically timelines for manufacture of your custom socks can range between 4 -12 weeks. This is all dependent lead times selected, time of year and quantity ordered.

Once manufactured, shipping is organised per initial discussions. This can be to one or several locations; however if you require several delivery addresses, please let us know initially during step 1.

You will receive tracking updates to enable you to keep up to date with projected arrival times. We will also update you if there is for unforeseen circumstances a change to delivery date or method.

Step #9 of creating your custom socks - Arrival of custom socks and payment of the remaining invoice

After the excitement of your custom socks arriving has settled. We ask you to inspect the order and ensure the greatest quality and finish.

If you are as impressed by the results as we are, then we will send through the final invoice for payment.

Step #10 of creating your custom socks - Enjoy!

The best part!

Now you get to experience the quality, comfort and benefits experienced aligning your company and brand with a high impact, sustainable product creating direct impressions and influence to those that matter the most to you!

See our custom sock options for yourself here.

Fresh Feet Sock Co Custom Socks

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make custom socks?

  • Right here, at Fresh Feet Sock Co. We will make the process as streamlined and easy as possible and best your right hand man across the whole journey!

How much do custom socks cost?

  • Our custom and promotional socks range from $12.78 AUD to as little as $5.96 AUD per pair. Cost per pair is dependent on the required style, order quantity and timeline of your custom socks.

How long does it take to make Custom socks?

  • At Fresh Seet Sock Co. the typical time from approved sample until arrival at your company is around 12 weeks. As mentioned, this is dependent on order quantity, lead and shipping time selected as well as current global logistics circumstances.

For further information, to request a quote or place an order; read more at our custom wholesale socks page

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