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The choice for our Planet, Why Bamboo Socks?

We love bamboo. Why?

Well where do we begin?

Not only are our Fresh Feet bamboo socks guaranteed to be comfortable, as well as help provide a fresh and free environment from hot, sweaty, smelly feet; they were also created from a sustainable fibre to help protect our planet.

That’s right, not only do our bamboo socks love looking after your feet, they also love helping to preserve our world.

No Pesticides, Fertilisers or Insecticides

Bamboo naturally requires no pesticides, fertilisers or insecticides to grow.

Bamboo plant's are naturally antifungal and antimicrobial. These properties create an environment which allows bamboo to be able to deter insects and grow naturally.

Meaning our bamboo socks require none of these potentially nasty additions.

Naturally Regenerative

The bamboo plant is the fastest growing wood based plant in the world! Yep, It even has a Guinness world record to prove it.


Once the plant is developed, bamboo shoots are formed year after year, making it naturally regenerating and able to be harvested constantly without interference intensive farming practises.

We like to think of this as if our bamboo socks are grown straight out of the ground!

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide from the Air

Bamboo plantations have the amazing ability to help reduce the environmental impact of greenhouses gases.

Bamboo does this through its ability to create almost ⅓ more oxygen than equivalent trees and plants whilst simultaneously absorbing Carbon dioxide from the air. How amazing is that!

Requires less Water

Amazingly bamboo plans are incredibly hardy and resilient. They are able to thrive in a variety of conditions and environments.

The main reason for bamboo's resilient nature is the water efficient growth properties. Bamboo plants require 1/3 the amount of water to grow in comparison to similar material based plants such as cotton.

Meaning that the same amount of water used to grow 1 cotton plant can be used to grow 3 plants of bamboo.

This is huge! Especially in a world where water is becoming one of the planets most scarce resources.


It is due to these amazing characteristics of Bamboo that we like to think of bamboo socks as the eco-friendly alternative fibre.

And when you pair this with our 100% compostable packaging, silky soft feel and amazing breathe-ability it’s no wonder why we love our bamboo socks so much!


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