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Are Bamboo Socks Good?

It’s a simple question we get asked a lot, but are bamboo socks good?

Well of course we are going to say they are. But don't just believe us. Let’s see what characteristics makes bamboo socks so good.


Bamboo socks provided a thermoregulating environment. 

What this means is that bamboo fibre naturally has the ability to act as an insulator to keep in heat and maintain temperature, just like a warm hug.

They also have the ability to breath and absorb moisture allowing for a cooling effect.

Start Soft, but gets Softer

Bamboo socks are so soft, yet get softer with wear and wash them.

An amazing feature that makes bamboo socks good, is the softness and comfort that is created through bamboo viscose.

Bamboo fabric naturally has no thread ends or spores. This means that they never develop a rough texture like other fabrics, due to the fact the viscose fibres don't split or pill.

Because of this, no thread is ever lost and continues to get softer in their fullness with wear and wash.

Ultimately meaning that you feet can wave goodbye to rubbing, irritation and friction.

Breathable & Moisture Wicking

Bamboo socks help keep feet dry.

Thanks to the natural construction of bamboo viscose, the fibre is super absorbent.

The bamboo material and fabric within the sock therefore wicks moisture and sweat away from the feet and skin. Leaving your feet dry and feeling fresh.

This is a major benefit of bamboo fibre in comparison to other fibres such as cotton and wool, which can leave moisture on the skin.

Odour Resistant

Bamboo socks help eliminate odours.

We believe that this alone makes bamboo socks so good.

Bamboo fibres are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

It has actually been found that over 70% of odour-creating bacteria introduced to bamboo fabric was eliminated.

This decreases dramatically the likelihood of fungal and odour creating bacteria to be able to survive on the skin's surface, leaving your feet fresh, free and odourless. 

And these are just a start.

We have also detailed more of these benefits here to help outline why our fresh feet sock co bamboo socks are so good.

Still don’t believe us that bamboo socks are good, take advantage of our Comfort Guarantee and try your first pair risk free!

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