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Australian Podiatrist Designed

Combining podiatry specific innovation & features with natural materials to promote healthy feet.

Our founding elements

Premium fit 

Bamboo Material

Seamless Toe

Creating your most comfortable socks


Odour resitant, hypoallerengic & moitsture wicking.

No blisters or rubbing

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The Bamboo Difference

Feet are hot and cold. 

Feet are smelly and sweaty.

Feet are sore and achey.

That's why we stepped out to create a better sock to help care for your feet.

The natural fibres of bamboo contain antifungal and antimicrobial bio-agents.


This in combination with the natural ventilating and moisture wicking properties of bamboo creates a hypo-allergenic, thermo-regulating, odour-resistant and breathable sock for healthy feet. 

Comfortable and Soft

For sensitive skin.

Bamboo boasts a unique silky and smooth texture that isn't slippery or shiny.


The fibres of bamboo naturally contain no sharp spurs that could irritate the skin and it's anti-static properties allow for crinkle-free wear.


This creates a fabric that is soft and gentle allowing for ultimate freedom and comfort and an ideal choice for sufferers of sensitive skin.

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Durable and Protective

Socks that protect your feet and last longer.

The bamboo fibre's strong and highly durable composition allows for it to maintain shape and 

integrity for wear on wear so no loose, slipping socks.


The bamboo composition also provides natural 

UV protection to help protect the skin from harmful damage from the sun.

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